package.mask as a directory and PMS

Just a quick note, for any repository/overlay maintainers who are have profile package.* or use.* as directories (usually package.mask), please add profile-format = portage-1 to the repositories metadata/layout.conf.

As folk probably are aware, PMS rules are that those nodes must actually be files; portage allows both. The problem here is that package managers that try to enforce strictness for QA reasons, wind up blowing up when using those repositories. Pretty much a bad situation- it’s a useful feature, but QA strictness is also useful.

Thus the new repository configuration option; it supports either ‘pms’ or ‘portage-1’ as the setting. If unspecified, it defaults to PMS for compatibility reasons. If it’s in PMS mode, than PMs should strictly enforce PMS rules. If set to portage-1, than package.* and use.* can be directories of arbitrary depth, parsed in alphanumeric sorted order (thus given 3 files, “a2”, “a1”, “1”, it would parse in order of “1”, “a1”, “a2”). Pretty much this is the enhanced profiles portage supports now, just explicitly marked as a format so that it’s possible to detect it, and vary the QA rules as needed.

Realize this might seem minor to people, but one of the historical issues we’ve had w/ the tree and our formats is the lack of versioning/format markers- thus making it far harder for alternative package managers, and raising backwards compatibility issues for portage itself. Profile nodes as directories has been an issue for a long while (basically a bit after PMS was created), and this functionality is designed to allow it to be supported properly, while also giving us a way to swap in new profile formats down the line as needed.

Thanks in advance for updating your repositories. 😉


One Response to package.mask as a directory and PMS

  1. Sergei says:

    s/profile-format = portage-1/profile-formats = portage-1/

    (as suggested by repoman)

    Thanks for the post!

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